Free Stock Photo Website Reviews

The Best Free Stock Photo Websites

Stock photos can be a valuable resource for creating and filling out your website or web content. They are the difference between having a barren-looking presentation and catching the eye and drawing in the attention of consumers and readers. Stock photos provide you with pictures that you might not otherwise be able to take yourself. But how do you find the best ones?

With so many options out there these days it’s hard to even know where to start your search for stock photos, but we want to help with that and maybe make it a little bit easier, and that’s why we’ve written these free stock photo website reviews. Gone are the days of cheesy free stock photos that will eventually be made into memes. These websites offer up sleek, beautiful, and most importantly free stock photos that will fit perfectly into the content of your website.

Negative Space

Negative Space is a great company for finding stock photos. Their pictures are well-taken and come in all types of themes and color schemes. This makes it easy for anyone to find a photo that is right for them. Negative Space rolls out new photos each week, so there is always a large variety in their database. You’ll never get sick of the photos that they have to offer. Additionally, their website is really easy to navigate with photos sorted into different categories, and a search option available.


Picjumbo has a MASSIVE collection of stock photos on their website, and they introduce new photos daily, so there is always something fresh to click through. They offer image packages as well as singular images, and they have pictures varying in tone and theme so that there is something available for everyone. Although free, the site also has some awesome (and affordable) premium features, such as a Sketch and Photoshop plugin for only $7.99 per month. These optional add-ons make Picjumbo a great option for everyone, from those just needing one free photo to those building entire websites with free content.


One word to describe the pictures taken by the photographers at Kaboompics: breathtaking. The Polish web designer behind this site knows what it takes to make your website look beautiful and professional. This site has a smaller database than some of the others mentioned, but what it lacks in volume it more than makes up for in quality. The photos on this website are modern and beautiful, and will make a fantastic addition to any web content. The creator does ask that the photos be linked back to the Kaboompics, but this seems like a small price to pay for such great photos.


The first thing you see when you click onto Fancycrave’s website is a vow to kiss cheesy stock photography goodbye, and they have really stood true to their word. Their website is chock full of innovative and beautiful photographs that look like they should be worth a million bucks. This site has a lot of unique photography that will help to polish and round out many different types of websites, blogs, etc. Although their selection is a little more limited than some of the other websites listed, their photos, along with their attitude towards stock photography, are fun and refreshing. 

If you ask anyone who is well-versed in stock photography about what free sites they love, chances are that will be on the list. This website has a slightly more classic take on stock photography than some of the other websites, but that by no means entails that they are cheesy or tacky. has some of the crispest, cleanest free stock images available on the web, and there are so many of them that it’s really easy to get caught up scrolling through their site. The contributing photographers at have a really good grasp on color and mood, and they provide photos for every type of web content imaginable.

The Takeaway 

These days, there are so many great stock photo websites that offer free content. No longer will you have to laboriously scout out locations and hire a photographer, purchase photographs, or use cheesy stock photos in order to have photo content on your website or blog. It is now simple for your stock photos to be sleek, professional, and to match the “vibe” of your content. The beauty of the internet is that it is infinite and full of great minds, and the options for free photography are endless. Our free stock photo website reviews are just the tip of the iceberg.